ACS Atlas Information

What it is:

The ACS Atlas is a database of latitude, longitude and time change information with about 260,000 records that was originally started by Neil Michelsen, founder of Astro Computing Services. Astrolabe now maintains the ACS Atlas. One of the leading causes of mistakes in birth chart setup is guessing inaccurately the time correction (time zone, daylight savings time, etc), so an Atlas is highly recommended to avoid tedium and increase the setup accuracy of your charts. While I have recently created the new Terran Atlas which is superior to the ACS Atlas in many ways, I have still maintained the option to use either the Terran Atlas or the ACS Atlas in Delphic Oracle and Timaeus.

How to obtain a license for the ACS Atlas:

First, if you have Solar Fire, Matrix Winstar, or other programs, you may already have the stand alone version of the ACS Atlas and not know it. Some versions of these products included the stand alone version that is on one of their CD's. Just install the stand alone version of the ACS Atlas from that CD and you will be all set. Note: the version of the ACS Atlas that comes bundled with Solar Fire and other software will not work.

If you want to buy the stand alone version of the ACS Atlas, contact Astrolabe and tell them you want the stand alone version of the ACS Atlas.

ACS Atlas Updates:

There is a section on Astrolabe's website for updating your ACS Atlas. You need to get the update for the stand alone version because Solar Fire has the ACS Atlas bundled with the program and findcity.dll will not be able to locate an Atlas that is included with another program.