Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual

Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual International / USA mail orders:

Note: Due to postal rate increase Jan 2013, the following postal rate changes are implemented. If you order Delphic Oracle license and a DVD sent to your shipping address, the Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual will be included with shipment, but the US Postal service has more than doubled rates for packages sent to countries outside of the USA. Therefore there is now a split in rates between USA and International orders. All software licenses and registration codes that you order will be included on your disk.

 DVD (International): $17.20 Qty:   
 DVD (USA): $9.70 Qty:   

The Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual is divided up into 60 different avi files with a total record time of 4 hours and 6 minutes convering nearly every aspect of the program's operation. It comes with a web page outline with links and descriptions for each of the 60 avi sections.



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