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129 Year System:

The 129 year system is similar to the decennials except that the periods are not regular, but based upon the minor years of the planets directly.  As with the decennials, the ordering procedure is the same, however, I have not seen any evidence that this system took into consideration whether the lights were suitably placed.  I have guessed based upon philosophical consistency that there might have been such a consideration and added it as the first option to use; the Sun or Moon as the starting point only if it is chrematistikos.  The latter setting "according to sect regardless of placement" is what I have from my notes on the subject at the 1995 PHASE Conclave.  It may be out of date.

Image 129systemsettings.GIF

In the first option, if the Sun or Moon is not chrematistikos, then the first planet after the ascendant in the order of the signs starts the releasing.

Calendar to Use:

The calendar type allows scaling of the 129 year system time lords in the same way as it did above with the decennials.  While I am not aware of any historical recommendation as to which calendar to use, it stands to reason that the same principle applies as with the decennial time lord system.  See the section named "Calendar to Use" in the decennials section for more info.

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