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Ascensional Times:

Ascensional periods are the other main foundation of the philosophy behind time lords.  Ascensions have to do with the rise time of a zodiac sign from 0 to 30 degrees over the eastern horizon.  Due to the obliquity of the ecliptic, not all signs rise in the same amount of time; therefore, the different topics become active at different times of life.  Valens and many other hellenistic era astologers combined ascensional times of the signs with circular periods.  All combinations that exist can be combined.  For instance, if there is a prominent Moon square Mars in the chart, that theme will become active in the 40th year (the circular periods of the Moon (25) and Mars (15) = 40), and when the ascensions of those two signs are completed, that theme will become active once again.  For instance, say that Mars was in Virgo and the Moon was in Sagittarius; add the ascensions of Virgo and Sagittarius and the Moon square Mars theme becomes active.

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