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Planetary Calculation Engine:

Delphic Oracle uses the Swiss Ephemeris planetary calculation engine.  While the Swiss Ephemeris calculates planet positions, horizon and meridian angles and covers a range of 10,800 years spanning the dates Jan 2, 5401 BCE - Dec 31, 5399 CE, I had to truncate the date range a bit in Delphic Oracle in order to remain compatible with my CMDateTime component.  As a result, the earliest date that can be calculated is Jan 1, -4712 (4713 BCE), whereas the upper range of the date matches that of the Swiss Ephemeris.  I plan to rectify this in my component in a future version of Delphic Oracle which for now only covers a date range of about 10,110 years

It is important to set the path to the Swiss Ephemeris correctly in the main program options.  If the Swiss Ephemeris is not found by Delphic Oracle, then the calculations are done by the Moshier ephemeris with a time range between 3,000 BCE - 3,000 CE.

The demo version of Delphic Oracle uses the Moshier ephemeris and is limited to the dates 1 Jan, 1900 - 31 Dec, 2010.  If you do buy the registered version of Delphic Oracle, make sure that you set the path to the Swiss Ephemeris correctly in your main settings.

You can use the Swiss Ephemeris with the demo version, but it is not available for download from my site unless you purchase Delphic Oracle because the file size is very large.  Also, there is little point to getting it because the demo version is restricted to a date range of 110 years.  If you happen to have a working copy of the Swiss Ephemeris, then set the path to it in the main program options.

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