Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Changing Time Lord Methods:

To change a time lord method, click on the Time Lords combo box as shown below:

Image tl-changemethods.GIF

Depending upon the time lord method you select, the "Starting Point" combo box will become enabled.  In the case of a user defined zodiacal aphesis, the starting points will be the list of 12 signs.  This comes in handy when the lot of fortune or spirit falls close to a sign boundary (as in Bill Clinton's case) and you really think the releasing should be done from the adjacent sign.  This way you don't have to recalculate the chart...  But alternatively, you could open the chart rectification tool.

In the case of circumambulations, the Starting Point will be a list of all of the points calculated in the chart as shown below:

Image tl-startpt.GIF

The spinedit below this drop-down list indicates the number of general periods for which you should calculate.  Since the above example is for circumambulations, this is disabled (it does circumambulations through the entire zodiac circle once).

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