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Circumambulation literally means to walk around the circle.  Here the planets are walking around the zodiac circle according to the ascensions of the angular separation between the starting position in the zodiac and another place which is the destination.  While the planet is walking toward a destination, it is analogous to thinking about what it will do when it gets there.

There are 3 options that have to do with circumambulation / or ascensional times:

Image circumambulation-options.GIF

Ascensional Type:

The first has to do with which type of ascension is to be used.  The Dorothean school believed that the limits defined the general period and that rays and encounters showed the specific recounting of events, whereas the Ptolemaic school believed exactly the reverse, that it is the rays that define the general period and the limits of the circumambulation show specific recounting.

Use of Latitude:

The second consideration is whether or not latitude above or below the ecliptic of the circumambulated planet's position should be used to bodily encounters.  The rays are always on the ecliptic so this consideration only affects bodily encounters (conjunctions).

Limits to be Used:

The last consideration is which limits (boundaries, or terms in latin) are to be used in the measurement of circumambulation.  These are the same 3 types that are available from the main options (Egyptian, Valens and Ptolemaic).

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