Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Planet Colors and Sizes:

If you click on a planet, the color dialog shows where you can change that planet's color to something you like.  You can pick a color from the palette or choose a custom color.

Image planetcolors.GIF

After you are finished, click OK in the color dialog window and the planet will be shown in the new color.  Don't forget to click Save after you are finished at the end.

If you are using a larger monitor, you may wish to bump up the sizes of the glyphs to something more in proportion to the size of your screen.  Keep in mind that if the screen starts to flicker for a given chart there is a good chance that reducing the size of the sign glyphs will eliminate the problem.  This is caused by the glyph being partially outside the visible area of the image and the program attempts to redraw each time it finds a glyph partially obstructed.

There is a checkbox for those who prefer the European style glyph for Capricorn near the bottom right of the Glyphs Tab.

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