Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Default Location and Time Zone Setting:

The default location can be reached by pressing the <F6> key.  The location entered here is used by your main window to give you current ascendant and midheaven positions in the status bar.  It is not used by the New Chart data entry window.  To reach the default location setting, go to the menu item Settings | Default Location or click the globe toolbutton on the main window as shown below:

Image defloctztb.GIF

To edit the latitude settings it is most convenient to use the <Tab> and arrow keys on your keyboard.

Image defloctzmain.GIF

The buttons to the right of the latitude field allow you to use the ACS Atlas, use Microsoft Streets or find the location online.  The Zone button is for manual time zone entry and is not necessary if you have the ACS Atlas.

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