Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Deleting Birth Charts:

You can delete a birth chart from the main list by selecting the charts you want to remove and hitting the <Del> key on your keyboard.  Or you can click the toolbutton at the top as shown below:

Image delcharttool.GIF

Keep in mind that this does not delete it from your saved charts, it only removes it from the main listbox.  For permanent deletion, see below.

You may also use the menu item Chart | Delete:

Image deletechartmnu.GIF

To select more than one chart, hold down the <Ctrl> key while clicking on it in the list, or click on one chart on the list then hold down the <Shift> key and click another one.  The latter command highlights all charts between the first one you clicked and the second one.  It will ask if you are sure you wish to delete the selected charts; if you are sure, click "Yes".

Deleting Charts Permanently:

To permanently delete charts, you will either need to get into the directory that you installed Delphic Oracle using windows explorer, or you can click the open toolbutton, then instead of opening, just highlight the chart(s) you wish to remove and hit the <Del> key.  Windows will ask if you wish to send the chart to the recycle bin, click yes if you are sure.

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