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Essential Dignities Options:

The essential dignities options allow you to select what dignities will be used in the calculations after planet positions are established.  They are used in the testimony wizard and in other tools in this application.  You can use the <Tab> and arrow keys to make your selection.

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The bound lords are sections of each zodiac sign that are divided in either 5 or 7 parts and each bound is represented by a planet.  The trigon lords are the 3 planets that are the most affiliated with an element associated with each sign (for instance the fire trigon of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius).  It is too lengthy a discussion to get into all of the subtleties here, so I recommend you visit at Project Hindsight and subscribe to the astrologers edition of the new translation series. For most purposes that involve delineation, the Egyptian Bounds and the Dorothean trigons were used in hellenistic times.  Ptolemy was a material naturalist interested in Aristotelian concepts and length of life issues and some astrologers recommend Ptolemaic boundaries for use in length of life issues.

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