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Familiarly Situated:

Another common theme Valens gives as adding to eminence, is if the planets that are trigon lords are "familiarly situated".  This is another way of saying that the trigon lord is in one of it's own essential dignities.  The program code only includes domicile, exaltation and trigon dignities in the consideration of familiarlzation.  I did not include the bound lords because the concept of familiarity seems to be associated with domicile (Greek - oikodektor - oikeoisis) and at least exaltation (easily recognized) and trigon (conformable) involved concepts related to "inclusion" which is akin to familiar (as opposed to alien/foreign).  Because the bound lords according to Schmidt, set a limit or a standard, it would seem alien to the concept of inclusion of a planet's "eidos/essence" within a zodiac sign.  If fact it would seem to restrict it.  In any case, if this is not correct, I will add code for the bound lord as well, or at least add the option to add it.

Here the planet is either familiar with its surroundings, or it is alien to its surroundings, so it is indicated in the column as a yes or a no.

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