Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Printing / Html Contents:

To open the Html Reporting / Printing Options window press the <F7> key.  To create an html report automatically using the settings in the Html Report options, click the Html Report button as shown below:

Image btn-html-rpt.GIF

There are many uses for html reporting such as web publishing, printing of files for your clients, etc...  It is specifically designed so that you can create web pages for your website based on the data calculated in Delphic Oracle.  You are free to use the images generated by Delphic Oracle on your web site, but please keep my copyright info intact in one form or another.  You may of course reformat the copyright info to suit the design of your site, or just include it once for all graphics on your site in a section called "Credits" or something similar...

The links to the right provide information for setting options and for generating html reports and *.gif files.

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