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Limit Visibility / Color:

These refer to the limits (boundaries) drawn just inside the signs in a chartwheel.  The first 2 checkboxes determine whether you wish to see colored boundaries between the signs and dynamical house division lines:

Image limits-tab.GIF

If you only want to see these when printing or viewing html output, then click the 3rd checkbox.  This will make the limits disappear when you work in the chart viewer window.

The limit colors can be customized to anything you want my clicking on the planet that represents that limit.  For instance, if you want all Mercury boundaries to be a lighter shade of green click on the Mercury glyph and the color dialog will open allowing you to select a different shade.  By default, the limit colors are the same as the colors for the planets from the chart designer, but I have found that it is sometimes difficult to tell a Jupiter and Saturn bound on my screen, so I have changed it to a lighter shad of purple to give more contrast.

You will only see the limits of the Sun and Moon when using Valens boundaries <F3>.

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