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Loosing of the Bond:

This happens when 12 subperiods have passed before the end of a major period.  There are 3 types; from darkness to light, from light to darkness and an unnamed third which is called innovative.  The first kind (from darkness to light) is when loosing from Capricorn or Aquarius to Cancer or Leo and this is considered the best releasing and usually a most propitious time. 

The next (from light to darkness) is from Cancer or Leo to Capricorn or Aquarius and this is usually a time of danger or trouble. 

The last is from Gemini to Sagittarius or from Virgo to Pisces and this is a time that is middling but usually has many changes.  (This program came about as a result of Virgo loosing to Pisces.)

It is not known what happens when 12 major periods pass.  This is roughly a period of about 210 years.  I have allowed for experimentation using the radio group selections for loosing the bond for major periods if you are interested in longer periods of time that might be of interest to mundane astrologers.  Interestingly enough, I recently tried a zodiacal releasing of the Inauguration chart of George Washington and noted that in 1997 there was a loosing of the bond in the case of the chart for US presidency shortly before the Lewinski scandal.

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