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What is the Lot of Spirit?

Spirit is the inverse of Fortune.  It is figuratively speaking, the ascendant of the Sun, also known as the part of spirit.  Use this formula taking the zodiacal longitude of each point:

Day:Spirit = Ascendant + Sun - Moon
Night:Spirit = Ascendant + Moon - Sun

By day this lot is taken from the Moon to the Sun and equal amount from the ascendant.  By night, it is taken from the Sun to the Moon and an equal amount from the ascendant. 

Spirit represents action and reputation, so when the spirit aphesis hands from places upon pivots (angles) to places upon pivots it is a good time to get ahead, and a time of effective action.  The lot is most often used to find the times most favorable for action, and to find the times most dangerous or favorable for reputation and status.

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