Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Open Charts:

To open a birth chart that has already been saved, you can click the speed button (as shown below) or use the shortcut key <Ctrl + O>.

Image toolbaropencht.GIF

You can also use the menu Chart | Open command.  This will open the "Open Birth Chart" window as shown below:

Image openchart.GIF

The file name has a *.cht extension to it (if you haven't hidden your extensions).  Non chart files are automatically filtered out so that they are invisible.  You can navigate to where you put your charts (the default is ..\DelphicOracle\Charts\) by using the drop down combo box at the top or by using the folder with the up arrow to go up one directory level, or by clicking on folders within the main chart viewing area (none shown) to go down levels.  Once you select a chart by clicking on it, the file name will appear in the file name combo box.  You can then click open to load the chart into the main window of Delphic Oracle.

Tip: If you wish to open more than one chart here at the same time, you can.  To do so, hold down the <Ctrl> key while clicking on it in the list, or click on one chart on the list then hold down the <SHIFT> key and click another one.  The latter command highlights all charts between the first one you clicked and the second one.  If you hit the Delete key here, it will ask if you are sure you wish to delete the selected charts; if you are sure, click "Yes".

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