Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Accessing Transits:

There are several ways to access transits from the time lords interface.  The main menu's on both the main Time Lords window and the Sub-Periods window have a "Transit" menu on them.  They both also have a context menu and a tool button that clearly says "Transits" when you hover the mouse over the toolbutton.  Unless a period is highlighted, the menu items and toolbuttons devoted to this task are grayed out, so you need to highlight a planetary or zodiacal period (which is a point in time) in the list.

In the main Time Lords window, you view a transit for the start of that period by right clicking that period and selecting "Transits" or by cliking the toolbutton above that, or by selecting the main menu View | Transits:

Image tl-transitsbtn.GIF

It can also be reached in the sub periods window in the same way:

Image tl-listsubwnd2.GIF

Tip: The most convenient way to get transits from the sub period window is to double click a period.  In the main window, this action generates a sub period listing, but in the sub period window this action generates transits.  Once you calculate a transit, a new window pops up allowing you refinement of the planet positions by transit intervals or by transit animation.

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