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Example of Using Zodiacal Aphesis:

Suppose you want to know when the most fortunate times will come in your life for things such as general happiness, financial success and good health.  For this we look at the position of the lot of Fortune.

We are assuming here that there is happiness and good luck to be had in the natives life.  First we must know what is possible for the native by making initial determinations about the natal configuration.  For if Fortune indicates by being in the 10th house that the native will become a great leader, then it will happen when the lord of this place becomes a chronocrator (time lord) for the times.

Suppose it is in Sagittarius in the 5th house.  Fortune indicates here that love and romance, family and children are the main focus of the natives life.  Since it is in Sagittarius, we first look for Jupiter to see if Jupiter aspects by whole sign the place of Sagittarius.  If it does by any ptolemaic aspect, or conjunction, this is fortunate and we may assume that the native is happily married at some point.  We also look to see if any other planets aspect the lot by one of the standard ptolemaic aspects by whole sign.  If Venus does, all the better, if Mars does by day or Saturn does by night, then the good fortune is diminished, or there is danger to the children or acrimony in the marriage, but when do all these things happen?

Since we want the times, we do the aphesis from Sagittarius by selecting the sign from the drop down list box provided (after entering birth date and other info).

You will note that the first years of the natives fortune is handled by Sagittarius itself.  Because it is a succeedent house the fortune is moderately good in general during the first years, but there will be ups and downs during this general time period.  By looking at various indicators in these sub-periods, we can see clearly these variations in luck.  The first few months also belong to Sagittarius, the next months to Capricorn, the next to Aquarius, etc, until the years of the major period are released.

The following years belong to Capricorn in the 6th which is cadent.  Here we hope that Saturn is in good shape by being angular, preferably in a day chart, and making a favorable aspect to fortune or Jupiter (lord of fortune).  Already we know that the times will be more slack in general with regard to bringing about favorable effects in marriage and children because cadency leads to inactivity.   What cadency does is make the idea of that subject not uppermost in the mind in the cosmic soul, and therefore less likely to bring about its effects.  We can assume that from the teenage years this natives luck begins to fade in love and general happiness, and again the sub periods from Capricorn show variations in this general trend.

At the end of the years of Capricorn, Aquarius and the 7th house take over.  Because it is a pivot (angular) we know this is an active and propitious time in general.  Saturn is still lord of the general times, but takes a more positive tone because the place of releasing is angular.  This is even more the case if the chart is diurnal and Saturn (while cosmically benefic) makes an aspect to Jupiter (lord of fortune).

In general, the most active times are when the places of the handing over (general times) and the places of the taking up (sub periods) fall upon the pivots (angles) of the chart (if the lot falls in an angle natally).  In our example, Aquarius is in the 7th.  These 30 years are propitious in general, more so if Saturn should be in an angle.  The exception to this is if Saturn is not of the sect in favor or is debilitated in some way in which case we would expect trouble.  The most active subperiods then would be Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The signs that fall in the declines (cadent) either with respect to the lot or cosmically are the least active.

Important Considerations:

If the lot of Fortune is in an angular house (in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th sign from the ascendant) we know in general that this person is more fortunate than one with the lot of Fortune in a cadent house. 

Valens considered the pivots with regard to fortune or spirit as being of greater importance than the natal angles.  So in our example, fortune is in Sagittarius in the 5th, then the pivots are the succedent natal signs and these would be the times most active for fortune.  But because the natives luck is middling in general, this person avoids any really great achievements and also pitfalls, because when the times are active with regard to fortune, they are middling cosmically.  In any case, when the current releasing is in the natal angles even if it is not angular with respect to fortune the time is moderately active.  Those people with the lots in pivots will show as the clearest examples of what times are most important because they have the greatest variation in activity.

Next you would consider the relationship between the major period sign and the sub period sign.  As in our example, the major period is Aquarius.  Suppose the sub period is Libra.  One considers then if the 2 places aspect each other.  In this case, there is a trine relationship between the signs indicating a time of positive activity.  We also look to see if there are any planets transiting this sign at the time of the period intensifying the effect or if, more importantly, there are natal planets present in the sign of the current sub period.  If for example, Mars is there, then there is trouble with regard to fortune (marriage, children, health and finance) in this period.

Next we look to the lords of these two signs: Saturn and Venus if they should have an aspect.  (Aspects used in this method are judged platically or in other words by sign - Venus at 2 Libra is trine Saturn at 27 Aquarius because Libra trines Aquarius.)  An aspect is desirable even an opposition or a square.  No aspect generally makes the period less effective and we would conclude that the native does not get married or have children during such periods; or if already married then there is danger of separation because the cosmic soul cannot see (aspect) any connection between the native and what is indicated. 

One might pay special attention to Aristotles form/matter principle.  It is theorized that the major period is the material to the sub periods form.  If Aquarius hands over to Libra, the Saturn material takes a Venus form.  Valens would have taken any planets in Aquarius and Libra first, so if Saturn is in Aquarius, and Mars and Venus are in Libra, it is a mixed period because you are releasing Saturnine matter into Venusian an Martial forms.  This symbolism would suggest that it is a socially popular time for the native, and useful for obtaining marriage or lasting social committment, etc .  If the birthchart shows the potentials of the native, then the aphesis show when.

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