Delphic Oracle 5 Online Help

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Checkboxes for startup chart and glyph style

There are 2 checkboxes that are important at the bottom of the General Tab of the Main Program Options.  The first one if checked will show a chart when you first start the application in the order of preference that it will show the first retained chart in your list of retained charts or if you have no retained charts, it will calculate the current transits at your location.

The 2nd checkbox is for changing the style in which you see your hints in the main chart viewer.  If this one is checked it will show glyphs in the hints of the chart viewer.  if unchecked then it will give full names of planets, etc.  The latter option is best for beginners who are not yet familiar with all of the glyph symbols and what they mean.  A good way to become familiar with the glyph names and symbols is to press F2 which will bring up the chart designer.  Press the Glyphs Tab and all the glyphs used in the application are shown with the name and symbol attached.

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