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Fortune calculation type

I have set up 2 options for calculating the lot of fortune in a chart (which affects the lot of sprit calculation).  The first option is to use the nocturnal or diurnal formula according to sect.  Valens says to only use the nocturnal formula if the Moon was above the horizon at birth (this is the 2nd option).  There is actually a 3rd option which uses the diurnal calculation regardless of the sect which hasn't been included primarily because all the main programs calculated fortune in this way on the authority of Ptolemy which deviates significantly from the Hellenistic record.  Since both are calculated anyway it has not been a high priority for me to include the 3rd type because this is already calculated anyway.  It is just that the diurnal calculation will show Spirit where fortune is supposed to be and vice versa.  It is my opinion that either the 1st or 2nd option is the most authentic to the Hellenistic tradition.

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