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Time Lord Options (F5)

Press the F5 key on your keyboard to bring up the Time Lord Options window.  There is also a link in the Group Bar (on the left) in the Time Lords group.  There is a separate window for these options because there are several variations in the Hellenistic texts for many of the same time lord methods and testing these out using the General Options window would have been more confusing.  Each time lord system has it's own tab with the exception of the Circumambulations Tab which has options for 2 types of circumambulation.  This section has several Tabs, generally one for each time lord system:

Circumambulations Tab
Decennials Tab
Ouarters Tab
129 Years Tab
Balbillus Tab
Profections Tab
Zodiacal Releasing Tab
Lunar Monomoiria Tab
Lunars 9 Yrs Tab
Reporting Tab
Themes Tab
Graph Tab
List Tab

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