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Daily profection scaling

If you select Valens daily profection style, then you will have to select the scaling of the days to use.  There is a problem where Valens wasn't specific as to what time to use for the start of the day and how long a day lasts.  Valens probably just went day by day from sunrise to sunset and counted integers without concern for the hours, but this program starts out the yearly and monthly profections with a time, so you should keep in mind that this is probably just sign based 1 per day without regard for the time.  I did include the option to scale the length of the day to be 30 in a month which will cause the length of the day to be something like 25 hours in a day.  If you select to scale to the length of the month, then you will see the daily profection creep forward an hour or so each day, but if you scale it to the length of the year, it will start the same time every day.

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