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Reason for glyphs tab (unicode)

I have decided not to hard code the glyphs into the chart display.  You can select any of the glyphs displayed by the AstroZT.ttf font for any given planet or point.  Next to the Glyph is a character code between 0 and 255.  Kenneth Hirst designed the font used by this program and he set up the character mapping for me to be compatible with unicode mapping.  In many countries, the characters and their mapping is quite different and it was an enormous undertaking to restructure all of the Delphi language (originally Pascal) to reflect the unicode environment.

In Hellenistic astrology, some glyphs needed to be created to show the importance of some of the lots and other points that aren't shown in other programs.  Delphic Oracle was the first to pioneer the glyphs for the 7 hermetic lots.  Schmidt said that because a lot is called a "daimon" and because it represents a personal tutelary deity, that their sphere of activity is here on earth, so I had the idea to concatenate the glyph for the earth with the planet symbols to get the lot represented by a given planet and then I sent the designs to Ken Hirst to include in the font.

However, there are some old standards still around for the Ascendant and Midheaven for example where I used the helm of a ship for the ascendant and the mast for the midheaven as symbols, but most programs either put "Asc" or "MC" for these.  These variations are all included in the font and can be selected by clicking on the drop down arrow:

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