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Decanates button

The decan report is listed by clicking on the button that looks like a pair of faces (thesbian comedy / tragedy):

These are the traditional Ptolemaic decanates, not the Hindu decans.  These decans go in descending Chaldean order starting with Aries / Mars (first 10 degrees), Sun (2nd 10 degrees), Venus (3rd 10 degrees), etc.  Schmidt says the decanates represent personal attributes "personalty" as opposed to "realty" (as in real estate) which is what the diginities represent.  Therefore it is thought that the decans should be a separate report because they have a different function.  Schmidt theorizes that these represent personal pronouns such as "I, You and It" and may represent identification in the form of epithet statements such as "John, the one who walks with a limp".  The word in greek was "prosopon" which translates as "appearance" or "countenance".

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