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Alert Notification Types

Now you are ready to select the type of notification you will receive when Timaeus finds the above planet or degree crossing the specified angle.  The three choices are "System Beep", "Theme Sound" and "Silent Tray Icon Alert only".  When Timaeus finds an alert condition, a red exclamation point will appear to the right of the current planetary hour glyph in your system tray.  This happens no matter what kind of alert you specify, but you can also select to play a beep or a sound, while the last one is silent.  If you select to play a "Theme Sound", then "Sound to Play" is no longer greyed out.  Hit the <tab> key again ...

Image notify-type.GIF

Sound to Play:

Now you can select a "wav" file to play in the drop down combo box when Timaeus detects the above alert condition.  A speed button to the right will play the selected sound to see if that is the sound you want associated with this alert.  You will notice a number of sounds on this list that aren't included with Timaeus.  If you wish to use these references, then get some *.wav files and rename them to match the reference in the drop down list box, then place these sound files in the same directory as Timaeus.exe.  Make sure they match exactly in spelling or you may get a file not found error when Timaeus tries to play it for the specified alert.  Hit <tab> and enter to save the alert, or ...

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