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Displaying Transit Meanings

Once you have a list of astrological indicators displayed, clicking on an indicator will display the meaning as shown below:

Image tim-meanings.GIF

It is important to note that sometimes one indicator will contradict another and if the indicator is of a general nature, then the meanings must be blended.  If the conflict is more specific, then it is possible that in one area of the native's life things will go according to the one reading, and in a different area of the native's life the other meaning will be more apparent.  Usually this is represented by the planet that is lord of the house being aspected. For instance, if Bush's natal Moon was being squared by Mars, and the Moon s lord of the 12th house, the meaning that is displayed referrs to 12th house issues (the subconscious, enemies, etc) and might be confined to that area if the conflict in meaning is more specific.

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