Jupiter in Third House

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JupiterJupiter: If the lord of the 3rd is Jupiter or Jupiter is in the 3rd house, in sect and dignified or received, there are many happy faces to greet you and your relationship with your siblings and/or relatives is light hearted. You enjoy protection from neighbors and your extended family. Education often progresses smoothly and sometimes at an accelerated pace. You may be blessed with a large extended family. If Jupiter is in debility and/or afflicted, then relations with near relatives are on again - off again. There may be a lack of trust or good will between your brothers and sisters, or you may be an only child, possibly lacking in tolerance and insisting on getting your own way. You also may have had to contend with bullies in the school yard. If born at night, then Jupiter does not create an air of false hope, and you prefer facts to faith, or your beliefs turn to the unorthodox.

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