Jupiter in Fourth House

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JupiterJupiter: If the lord of the 4th is Jupiter or Jupiter is in the 4th house, in sect and dignified or received, your family may be wealthy or you may be blessed with many children and grandchildren. Wealth tends to come with old age. You may leave an impressive legacy, and be fondly remembered and orthodox religion may be strong in your roots. You will tend to prefer an expansive home, perhaps on a hill top with an impressive view and will like wide open spaces. You will rarely feel alone, lost or alienated from your family and will enjoy their support in times of need. In aristotelian terms, Jupiter is warm and wet (sanguinous), therefore the old saying that "blood is thicker than water" holds here, especially in the diurnal sect, because the wetness keeps the connections together and the warmth makes it active. If however Jupiter is debilitated or afflicted, family or inlaws may become an imposition and you seek greener pastures. You may have trouble keeping your home peaceful and serene. Your estate or legacy may be contested. There may be excessive waste, and your resources after death may be scattered to the winds.


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