Jupiter in Seventh House

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JupiterJupiter: If Jupiter is in the 7th house or is lord of the 7th, and dignified or received, it is an indicator of a happy and successful marriage and good partnerships. Paulus says that it makes those who are successful at acquiring property after a delay (the delay being until old age). He also says that it is an indicator of few children. [24] This is probably because Jupiter being the main significator for children, being in a place concerning the elderly, as science knows; the elderly can't have many children. If Jupiter is in sect in this place or as lord of this place it is an indicator that your partner can keep secrets in faith and trust, but if it is out of sect then your partner cannot keep a secret; even from you, as their countenance is clearly apparent. This is because at night, faith is replaced by seeing, just as the blue sky is replaced by the stars behind it.


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