Mars in Sixth House

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MarsMars: If Mars is in the 6th or is lord of the 6th and dignified or received, it is a possible indicator of military service with great success. If received by the lord of the 10th, then the native is likely to advance in rank. Paulus says, "When Ares is in this place at a nocturnal birth, he rejoices, and summons to war or martial honor...". [16] This placement creates ambition, drive and determination, particularly if you have Aries or Scorpio representing the affairs of this place. If Mars is out of sect in this place or as lord thereof, it is an indication of rashness and haste in preparation, and the native tends to rush into a situations unprepared, particularly at work. There is a tendency toward acrimonious relations at work due to the excessively hot and dry nature of a diurnal Mars. The native may have a hard time holding a job unless Mars is in a favorable figure to other planets or received by the lord of the 10th. Illnesses associated with Mars: fever, allergies, rashes (leprosy in ancient times), cuts and bruises, hemmoroids and headaches.


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