Mercury in Fourth House

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MercuryMercury: If Mercury is lord of the 4th or in the 4th and dignified or received, then you may be conveniently situated in your home environment and have access to many different terrains and amenities. Your residence will tend to be neat and orderly if Mercury is in a fixed sign. If in a mutable sign, (or the sign taking on the affairs of the 4th is mutable - bicorproeal) then there will tend to be alot of clutter and gadgets lying around. The affairs after death are usually smoothly and swiftly handled. There is a tendency to change residences often. If in debility or affliction, then there may be a contest of the matters of your estate and the tax collectors might take advantage of the situation, particularly if the 8th house is involved in any way. The home will feel very unsettled and you may often have unwelcome guests.


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