Moon in First House

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MoonMoon: If the lord of the 1st is the Moon, or the Moon is in the 1st house, of the sect, then you will likely be close to your mother and will have a very sensitive, nurturing, and somewhat moody disposition. (I once had a middle aged client who tried to bring his mother to the chart reading who had the Moon on the Ascendant. He was disappointed when I told him that this was not appropriate.) This position makes an individual desirious of acceptance, looking for a place to belong, often seeking approval. With the malefics afflicting, in extreme cases, an individual may turn away from this type of behavior and become a loner, suffering from paranoia, insisting on needing no one. If the Moon is out of sect, the feelings tend to be subjugated, repressed or given a more "respectable" mode of expression. Depending upon other indications, there may be a tendency to not respect other's boundaries, and possibly this can work in reverse as well, where your personal space is invaded. If the Moon is feral or void of course, the individual is lacking a motive, and wanders aimlessly, and in extreme cases homelessness is possible. If however the Moon is strong and dignified or received by benefics, the individual finds favor with the public and prospers with the help of others, especially women. They do well in professions by the water, such as the Navy, or in agriculture.

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