Moon in Tenth House

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MoonMoon: If the Moon is lord of the 10th house, or is in the 10th and dignified or received, especially if it is of the sect, it often makes leaders who are loved by the people because they are sensitive to the publics needs. In a leaders chart (those with the 4 lots indicating eminence) the "Other", creates a dyadic influence that may effect sensitivity to change, particularly in public policy and social issues. But according to Paulus: " will make men (or women) who are distinguished and wealthy, tax-collectors of kings, treasurers of cities ... You will find the mothers of such to be highborn". [56] Because the Moon is a primary significator for fortune, we see that wealth is indicated, and because the 10th is highly visible this tends to show those who are known for their wealth. Bill Gates is a perfect example of this with the Moon in the 10th at night. In less eminent charts, it is often an indicator of changing jobs frequently, or that your employer prefers a less stratified approach in the workplace. A fair amount of popularity is likely. If afflicted, and/or out of sect or in debility, there is usually difficulty in holding onto a job, or there is considerable sacrifice of personal time for the sake of work. Frequently there is tension between maintaining the public persona and keeping the private life private, feeling like you live in a fishbowl, very exposed.


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