Moon in Third House

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MoonMoon: If the lord of the 3rd is the Moon or the Moon is in the 3rd house, of the sect, the Moon's contrariety stimulates a great variety of possible circumstances in your immediate environment, and change is something you have had to get used to from an early age. If the Moon is dignified or received, then the native has great intuitive insight and a powerful oracular vision. The native may have great talent for oratory or writing because of the connection the mind has available to the emotions through words. An unusually strong connection to female relatives may be indicated. If the Moon is out of sect, debilitated or afflicted, then the relations with relatives or the mother is difficult and reason and emotion will struggle against eachother. The daily changes in circumstances become very destabilizing and may create mental nervousness, an inability to gain consensus among siblings, and frequent stays away from home.

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