Moon in Sixth House

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MoonMoon: If the Moon is in the 6th or is lord of the 6th, it is indicative of frequent changes of employment due to the Moons contrariety. If dignified or received, especially if by the lord of the 10th, the frequent changes take the form of quick advancement towards goals, particularly when the Moon is a chronocrator for the times. Since the Moon is of the nature of Plato's "Other", it is not likely that you will want a steady routine, unless there is some need for security indicated by an earth sign here or a strong aspect to Saturn. Here job security can become an issue, particularly if the Moon is out of sect, debilitated or afflicted. Paulus says of this place, "When the Moon happens to be upon this place, it will make one born of a slave, beggar, needy, or obscure mother who is the lowest of all, and sometimes it will cause him to be motherless". [18] I might add (as with the Sun for the father), that if the lot of the mother or it's lord happen to be here, afflicted, then the same might be true. Illnesses related to the Moon: gout, phlebitis, stomach cramps, ulcers (particularly with Mars) and other digestive disorders, fluid retention.


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