Sun in First House

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SunSun: If the lord of the 1st is the Sun, or the Sun is in the 1st house, of the sect (the Sun can be in the 1st house and still be above the horizon), then you have a keen sense of who you are. You look for your own enterprises and conquests, allowing no one to pidgeon hole you. If the Sun is elevated (especially near the MC), you achieve great respect and are visible to many, sitting in a high chair. You naturally know how to attract crowds for promotions, and have to learn how to steer clear of controversy and arrogance. If out of sect, the focus is less on personal achievement and more on becoming aware of others' insights, with less arrogance. Frequently your family is the center of life, especially if near the I.C., with less emphasis on public pursuits. Then the conquest involves the pursuit of self knowledge, and awareness. You may be put in a leadership position without your seeking it.

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