Venus in Tenth House

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VenusVenus: If Venus is lord of the 10th, or in the 10th house and dignified or received, it is an indicaton that the native enjoys great popularity and public praise and is favored by superiors for advancement. Frequently talent in the arts, particularly in music is present. Hardly does the native ever lose their temper publicly or make a scene and they are very socially refined. Often they are set before the public as examples of beauty and glamour. This is typified in the Hollywood lifestyle. It is also considered better if Venus is occidental (an evening star). According to Paulus: "When the star of Aphrodite (Venus) culminates with an evening rising, without the malefics looking ahead at it, it will make those whose lives are splendid, who are high-priests, fortunate, custodians of the temple, councillors, princes, crown-bearers, distinguished... shows those who are applauded by the masses, popular, and famed far and abroad". [53] But if Venus is in debility and/or afflicted, it shows a tendency to be rejected, to be subject to fads, having poor taste and artistic sense and there may be a tendency towards scandal, particularly if Venus is oriental. It was thought better for Venus to wait for the Sun to catch her, than for Venus to run after the Sun. In extreme cases the native finds it difficult to extricate his or herself from unscrupulous companions and may get drawn into nefarious activities by them.


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