Software Technical Support

I'm using GoToAssist for my customers who want remote technical support. It's free, so you should take advantage of it. The way it works is I email you a support key and a web address and you go to the address and type in the support key and it will give you a dialog asking if you want to join in a support session. If you click yes, then I will be able to work on your machine as if I was present at your desk and you don't have to do anything more until your problem is solved. The alternative is that I can talk you through the problem on your machine.

If you have any questions regarding installation, registration, or if you think you have discovered a bug, or are a webmaster wondering about your site submission, etc... then call Curtis Manwaring at 315-200-2025. On Weekdays, the best time to reach me by phone is 12 pm - 10 pm EST. Towards the weekend, (Friday and Saturday night) I'm also available late (up to 2 am EST).

There is also a technical support forum that is managed on Facebook:


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