Jupiter Square or Opposite Mars

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Jupiter Square Opposition Mars Transiting Jupiter square or opposite your natal Mars. This is usually a time of significant progress in any project you undertake. It often involves some testing to see how valid your plans are and adjustments where you don't feel things are terribly realistic. It is important to make adjustments in areas of your life that are not working well at this time especially if you just started new projects 3 years ago. At times you may feel like others are working at cross purposes to your own goals. Now is a time to try to compromise in your goals and include others ideas in your plans, especially if 3 years from now you will be experiencing the opposition of Jupiter from your natal Mars.

If Mars has the times for spirit (reputation and actions), if it is a diurnal chart, there is a stong possiblity of controversy in the houses that Mars rules. There is a tendency to become overly ambitious and pushy. A nocturnal chart will not be as subject to controversy, but will probably have gains indicated in the houses involved. If Mars has the times for fortune it indicates rapid changes of luck and circumstances in the areas indicated by the houses Mars rules.

If Mars is lord of your first house, be careful about over-confidence. Not a good time for excessive risk taking particularly if the chart is of the diurnal sect. You may bite off more than you can chew and can be accident prone. The position is more fortunate if Jupiter happens to be in superior position (10th house relationship).

If Mars is lord of your second, be careful financially. You will probably spend alot and have trouble saving money. Increase in debt is likely. If the chart is nocturnal and Mars has the times for fortune, the negative side of this transit is minimized. When the chart is eminent, it can even indicate gain (though probably through someone elses loss).

If lord of your third, relations with neighbors and relatives may be troublesome as small issues get blown out of proportion particularly if the chart is of the diurnal sect. You may want to escape difficult circumstances rather than face them head on. A neighborhood controversy is probably brewing.

If lord of your fourth, you will probably feel like moving to greener pastures and feel restless if the chart is diurnal. Decreased stability is likely. Relationships with parents may be strained. There may be lack of satisfaction with your current domestic situation. If the chart is of the nocturnal sect, these problems are minimal.

If lord of your fifth, your love life may be stormy if you were born during the day. Losses will probably result from excessive gambling and risk taking. If Mars has the times for fortune and is in some sort of essential dignity, especially by night, these issues are potentially reversed.

If lord of your 6th, your working environment is likely to be strained if you were born during the day. Be careful of over-reaching your authority. Someone may try to give you more responsibility without the benefits of authority. If Mars has the times for spirit, and the chart is diurnal, an office controversy could be brewing in your workplace.

If lord of your 7th, there is the possibility of divorce if marriage is currently on the rocks. There is more need for freedom in your close relationships.

If lord of your 8th, banks and financial partners may feel they are taking too much risk. Not a good time to ask for a loan.

If lord of the 9th, Propaganda and fanaticism may be in your midst. Be especially careful when traveling. You may get more of an adventure than you'd wanted.

If lord of the 10th, you will feel like pushing for career advancement and taking initiative to get ahead, but be careful of envy and jealousy, especially if you were born during the day. Insurrections are more likely if you are in command. In an eminent chart, this indicates victory over ones enemies particularly if Jupiter is in superior position and the chart is nocturnal.

If lord of the 11th, your social environment is likely to be more chaotic, you will have to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. You may feel like you are surrounded by enemies. If Mars has the times for spirit, and the chart is of the diurnal sect, it is likely a time of organizational controversy.

If lord of the 12th, try to be aware of how your actions affect others. You have a tendency to overestimate now and take on too much particularly if the chart is of the diurnal sect and Mars has the times for spirit.

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