Jupiter Square or Opposite Moon

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Jupiter Square Opposition Moon Transiting Jupiter square or opposite your natal Moon. In general this is a very pleasant transit as it makes you feel sentimental and connected with the past. There will be a desire to protect those around you and make them feel comfortable. Social justice is very important to you now and if you see injustice at this time, it will bring alot of outrage and a feeling self-righteousness. You will also probably feel very self indulgent at this time. It is not really the best time to deny yourself as this increases the feeling of deprivation. It is best to try and moderate your indulgence.

On the negative side, relationships with other women or your mother may be a bit strained at this time, as you may be behaving in a way that decreases their freedom. Possessiveness is a common reaction at to this transit. It is best to emphasize a bit of independence and avoid clingyness.

If the Moon has the times for fortune, it can indicate a time of increased financial expendature particularly if the Moon happens to be in the acquisitive place (11th from fortune). If the Moon happens to have the times for reputation, it indicates relationships with women could be strained and demanding. For leaders, this indicates a danger in pusing too hard for ones agenda and being rebuffed by the public.

If the Moon is lord of your 1st house and it has the times for spirit, you will feel more undisciplined than usual. There is a tendency toward weight gain when the Moon has the times for fortune; one may suffer illness such as stomach ache.

If the Moon is lord of the 2nd, financially there is a time of high transaction activity particularly if the Moon has the times for fortune and should rule the place of acquisition (11th house counting from fortune). This is often an indication of being overextended financially and piling on debt.

If lord of the 3rd, and the Moon has the times for spirit, neighbors and relatives may be inclined to be nosy and not mind their own business; you may have to take extra measures to protect privacy. There may be too many strings attached to favors. Travel and education commenced at this time should be fine provided that the Moon has the times for spirit.

If lord of the 4th, and the Moon has the times for fortune, boundaries in the home as they currently are may not be normal or healthy. It is a time when you should examine the nature of your dependencies and others expectations of you. Your family will be more supportive than usual. It can indicate additions being made to your home to make the atmosphere more comfortable.

If lord of the 5th, and the Moon has the times for spirit, it is a favorable time for begetting children, for romance and socializing. Be careful about excessive expendature when the Moon has the times for fortune. Your romantic or personal relationships might be stormy because of a lack of freedom or inappropriate expectations.

If lord of the 6th, and the Moon has the times for spirit, relationships with co-workers may expand beyond the workplace and become too personal or be a source of minor irritation. You may feel that superiors don't have reasonable expectations. When the Moon has the times for fortune, it indicates possible illness to stomach or gall bladder.

If lord of the 7th, and the Moon has the times for fortune, the boundaries of your interpersonal relationships are bought into the spotlight. An imbalance of give and take is often indicated. When it has the times for spirit, this can indicate making a debut before the public (be careful that it is taken the right way and that there are no misunderstandings).

If lord of the 8th, and the Moon is active for fortune, it can indicate problems with inheritance or difficulty in settling an estate. When the Moon has the times for reputation, avoid connections that will cause others to impose upon you financially. Not a good time to take on new debts. You yourself may be struggling with torpidity and inaction.

If lord of the 9th, and the Moon has the times for spirit, it can be a time of disturbing dreams. Travel should be avoided and care should be exercised in interaction with foreigners because this is a classic indication of cultural misunderstandings.

If lord of the 10th, and the Moon has the times for spirit, you may be thrust into the spotlight unexpectedly. Superiors may be very demanding at this time and not offer you proper authority for the responsibilities that you are entrusted with. You should not accept such an arrangement and stand your ground to have proper authority. Career advancement is more likely if the current spirit releasing is in an angular relation to fortune (especially the 10th sign counting from fortune) and Jupiter happens to be in superior square.

If lord of the 11th, and the Moon has the times for fortune, you may be inclined to make acquisitions of new property, particularly if the Moon is in the 11th sign counting from fortune. When the Moon has the times for spirit it indicates assocates are willing to be supportive of your career goals (particularly women), but that there may be too many expectations or strings attached.

If lord of the 12th, and the Moon has the times for fortune one may acquire a fondness of animals and develop a bond with them. When the Moon has the times for spirit, it is often a time of quiet reflection and solitude. Do not allow others to take advantage of a tendency for you to be good natured now.

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