Jupiter Trine or Sextile Pluto

© 2004 Curtis Manwaring

Jupiter Trine Sextile Pluto Transiting Jupiter trine or sextile your natal Pluto. This is a time in which you may come into success politically or financially. Your influence over others is strong and power seems to flow more easily with less resistance. It is best at this time to keep your ego in check and step back a bit to see why you are doing the things you are doing as there is likely to be a strong desire to reform policies, sometimes for no apparent reason. The reasons lie deeply in your unconscious. Keep an eye on your need for control. It is best now to consider the needs of all of those around you. If you find yourself changing the policies or circumstances of your life to suit yourself and these changes affect other people in a negative way unnecessarily, then later oppositions and insurrections are likely to abound.

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