Jupiter Trine or Sextile Uranus

© 2004 Curtis Manwaring

Jupiter Trine Sextile Uranus Transiting Jupiter trine or sextile your natal Uranus. This is a time when you feel the urge to do something different from your normal routine. If you have been stuck in a routine that feels like a rut, then this is the time to break it. You will have little patience with restrictions, obligations and responsibilities. Just be careful not to get involved in something just because you can. In your pursuits, you are likely to encounter a fair amount of serendipity. Arbitrariness is a side effect of this transit. On occasion, this brings up an opportunity that you must act on quickly to be able to take advantage of it fully. Sometimes it brings about a chance encounter out of nowhere that can change your life significantly. It is usually something completely unforseen, something you have never considered before. You can probably afford the risk of taking a chance.

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