Mars Conjunct Venus

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Mars Conjunction Venus Transiting Mars conjunct your natal Venus. This transit stimulates sexual desire and attraction. This energy is generally much more physical and there is not necessarily any deep committment and as such it often represents "one night stands". Relationships now tend to by physical rather than intellectual. This can also be time of increased artistic creativity. If you attend any social events at this time, it is likely to be more out of control than usual, a very loud and crazy atmosphere.

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If Venus is lord of your 1st house, you may be the object of someone else's affection. Others may take notice or your attractiveness. Personal popularity increases.

If lord of your 2nd, you may feel like shopping or spending money. Sometimes indicates wasteful spending upon useless objects. This is more likely the case if you were born during the day.

If lord of your 3rd, it is a good time for creativity and artistic expression. You may become more popular around your neighbors for some reason. Chance meetings while doing errands are more likely.

If lord of your 4th, you may be more fond of your personal privacy than usual. You may decorate your home.

If lord of your 5th, it is a time of romance and socializing. Meeting a new love interest is more likely now. Be careful about wasteful spending.

If lord of your 6th, you may meet a new love interest at the office, gym or health care setting. You might feel a bit distracted at work and have difficulty getting things done.

If lord of your 7th, this is a good time to form new partnerships. You may meet a new love in your life. More often this tends to be a longer lasting relationship.

If lord of your 8th, you may be interested in asking for a loan. Occasionally others may want to borrow money from you.

If lord of your 9th, love may be found while traveling abroad. Can indicate the start of a long distance relationship. It is a good time for writing and publishing.

If lord of your 10th, you may advance in career. If your career involves art or music, it may be a time for an important decision.

If lord of your 11th, you become more popular with others and are likely to make new friends. Sometimes indicates the start of a new love.

If lord of your 12th, you may feel like retreating with someone you love to more peaceful surroundings. Sometimes indicates the start clandestine romances (that there needs to be secrecy due to an affair or that others wouldn't approve of it for another reason).

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