Mars Square or Opposite Pluto

© 2004 Curtis Manwaring

Mars Square Opposition Pluto Transiting Mars square or opposite your natal Pluto. This is often a period of intense power struggles, sometimes physically. Your ambitions might stir up opposition and make new enemies if you are not careful. Avoid the temptation to deal ruthlessly with your enemies. You may come into contact with bad neighborhoods now and be subject to violent attack or another type of crime. Avoid it if at all possible. You are capable of working long hours now and this can take a great toll on your body. You have tremendous energy now, but are not likely to feel it when you need to stop and take a rest. The consequence is often injury, or overexertion to the point of exhaustion or collapse. Watch your health. The author once suffered a herniated L5 disk from doing squats using too much weight.

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