Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

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Mercury Conjunction Jupiter Transiting Mercury conjunct your natal Jupiter. This is a time of broadening perspective and big thinking, when you look at the forest and ignore the trees. You are not as likely to focus on details, but instead try to get the big picture. This is usually a great time for negotiations, but be careful about inspecting the fine print. You will probably find that you are more tolerant of new ideas than usual. This is a good time to start writing a book, or if you are finished writing it, this is an excellent time for publishing it or announcing your work to the world. Negotiations with lawyers or professors about your intellectual property are favored.

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If Jupiter is lord of your 1st house, it is a great time to expand your knowledge of the world. Communication and learning are highly favored.

If lord of your 2nd, it is a good time to make financial plans and work on your overall budget, but leave the details for later. Commerce is favored.

If lord of your 3rd, it is an excellent time to go back to school as your mind is ready to grow. Interesting coincidences seem to be more frequent. Communication is favored with relatives and siblings.

If lord of your 4th, you may be interested in buying a home or selling your current one. Communication with your parents or research about your family tree is favored.

If lord of your 5th, you may be lucky in speculation or gambling. It is a good time to follow your hunches on stocks. Investments fare well.

If lord of your 6th, there may be an increase of activity in your work environment or a change of pace in your office routine.

If lord of your 7th, it is a good time to communicate relationship issues with your mate. A good time to seek legal advice or hire a lawyer.

If lord of your 8th, you may recieve news about an estate or bank related matters. It is a good time to make plans about credit or taxes.

If lord of your 9th, this is an excellent time for publishing, law and higher education. You may receive good news about legal matters. Travel is favored.

If lord of your 10th, you may receive important news regarding your career or employment. A superior may hold an important staff meeting. Sometimes an indication of promotion.

If lord of your 11th, you may receive invitations to join organizations or be more involved in group efforts. Supports a friendly atmosphere.

If lord of your 12th, you may learn secrets which you were previously unaware of. It is a good time for respite, meditation and quiet reflection.

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