Mercury Trine or Sextile Pluto

© 2004 Curtis Manwaring

Mercury Trine Sextile Pluto Transiting Mercury trine or sextile your natal Pluto. Your concentration and focus is likely to be more intense than usual and you are capable of deeper understanding of difficult subjects. Your communication is likely to be more profound and important. This energy favors research and investigation of mysteries. You are capable now of getting to the bottom of any issue. This is a good time to inspect the terms of contracts, dissect advertisments, and dismantle specious arguments. You are much more perceptive and capable of seeing through the holes in an argument or through any attempted lies or misrepresentations.

A side effect of this transit is that you may become mildly preoccupied with a certain phrase or line of music that you can't seem to get out of your head. On the physical level, this transit favors the recovery of lost items. If you are an archeologist, this can be when you make an important find.

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