Moon Conjunct Sun

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Moon Conjunction Sun Transiting Moon conjunct your natal Sun. There is harmony between your body and spirit now. Internal power struggles between your conscious and unconscious, intentions and actions, thoughts and feelings seems to be absent or minimized. This enables you to do things more holistically with a more complete sense of purpose. Occasionally this can indicate a change in the direction of your life.

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If the Sun is lord of your 1st house, there is unity between your intent and what you want. Internal struggles against parts of yourself seem to be minimized or eliminated.

If lord of the 2nd, a fresh start financially is possible now. You can effectively eliminate conflicts in your budget so that it reflects your main purpose.

If lord of the 3rd, your daily routine may change to a new schedule. The motives or relatives and siblings may change to a new agenda.

If lord of the 4th, changes in lifestyle often begin now. Your main focus is your personal life and family. Sometimes indicates a move to a new location.

If lord of the 5th, your expression is more genuine to who you are. You are prone to drop the facade that most people wear for a time.

If lord of the 6th, changes in overall health may be indicated, or the office may be making changes in scheduling or daily office routine.

If lord of the 7th, you may sense that a change has occurred in the purpose of a partnership or your marriage. You may begin a new partnership now.

If lord of the 8th, at this time during the month, you tend to look more deeply into yourself and realign to your original intentions. Debt may be wiped clean if other indicators concurr.

If lord of the 9th, you may look a the world differently now. At this time of the month you tend to look to where you are going in life and assess your progress in getting there.

If lord of the 10th, during this time of the month you reassess your career objectives. You may notice increased popularity of your services from the public.

If lord of the 11th, your social environment sometimes goes through a change at this time of the month that reflects your renewed sense of purpose. A new social agenda is indicated.

If lord of the 12th, at this time of the month you tend to reflect upon your purpose. You will tend to focus alot on what you have left unfinished.

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