Moon Trine or Sextile Venus

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Moon Trine Sextile Venus Transiting Moon trine or sextile your natal Venus. This transit increases intimacy and improves relationships with others, particularly women. It is an excellent time for private get-togethers and parties or any sort of social occasion. It is a good combination for singles seeking dates. You are likely to feel somewhat self indulgent. If you are shopping, this is a time when you are likely to let money slip through your hands all too easily. Because the Moon is supportive, it is a good time to ask for help from others.

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If Venus is lord of your 1st house, others may approach you for help. You are very likely to be helpful. Personal popularity increases.

If lord of the 2nd, your personal finances are probably looking good, but you may be prone to lack discretion in spending for a while. Accounting may be lax for a while.

If lord of the 3rd, you tend to run into friends while running errands in the community. Female relatives offer support and help when asked.

If lord of the 4th, you probably feel like staying at home with family and friends now. A night on the town is less likely to appeal to you.

If lord of the 5th, this is a great time for romance and socializing. You may meet a new love and begin a new relationship.

If lord of the 6th, co-workers may be more supportive than usual. You get along well with women in the office now. You may be prone to procrastinate on a deadline.

If lord of the 7th, this increases friendliness and support in a marriage relationship. Romance is favored.

If lord of the 8th, watch a tendency towards overindulgence and too much spending. A loan received now may have too many strings attached.

If lord of the 9th, you may have greater contact with people from foreign lands for a while. People from abroad prove to be helpful and supportive.

If lord of the 10th, you may attract more business than usual if you are involved in making products for domestic use. A good time to ask for a promotion.

If lord of the 11th, you may want to spend the night on the town and go bar hopping. You are likely to make new friends and have fun socializing.

If lord of the 12th, you may be prone to overindulgence, laziness and procrastination. You will have more unfinished business than usual.

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