Neptune Trine or Sextile Saturn

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Neptune Trine Sextile Saturn Transiting Neptune trine or sextile your natal Saturn. This transit represents an opportunity to make your ideals a reality. Asceticism may hold a special attraction for you now, or you may simply feel that you don't need very much to survive right now. This period is an excellent time to reflect upon the spiritual side behind the traditions and responsibilities in your life. It is conducive to a calm mental state and meditation.

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If Saturn is lord of your 1st house, you may come to an understanding of your true purpose in life. You have a chance to make the ideal real. There is lack of confusion and greater ceartainty.

If lord of the 2nd, you may wish to pursue a more ascetic existence. You may tend to see belongings as a chain that hold you down and therefore get rid of alot of what you own.

If lord of the 3rd, you will develop wisdom as you begin to understand the true meanings of what you learned as a child. Often it is a time of isolation and solitude, which is good for contemplation.

If lord of the 4th, you feel a deeper sense of belonging and have a better sense of your ancestry and heritage. You may have a chance to experience utopia for a time.

If lord of the 5th, your creativity is increased and you may find talents you did not know you had.

If lord of the 6th, this tends to create a utopian work environment. Cooperation between co-workers should be improved.

If lord of the 7th, your relationship with your mate deepens and becomes more meaningful. Partnerships prove beneficial to you now.

If lord of the 8th, your partners may have ascetic tendencies now or may have items they no longer want. You may receive the belongings of others or be asked to store them for a while.

If lord of the 9th, you will go through a profound change in your beliefs during this period. Indicates a deepening of faith and convictions.

If lord of the 10th, personal ambition may seem pointless now, and you may seek a greater purpose for your career other than just power or authority.

If lord of the 11th, your social circle will probably widen now as you come into contact with many different kinds of people you wouldn't have before. You may be more compassionate now.

If lord of the 12th, this is a good period for meditation and reflection. You are more able to concentrate and not lose focus.

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